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About us

About us

We wish to Guide Youngsters through the Workplace. One Day CEO offers work experience that will significantly Advance Your Career. It is a New Age Concept. We aim to make sure that your career goals are realized. Empty Pages help people reach their potential by enhancing employability and connecting people with opportunities through One Day CEO. With over 15 Teammates on Multiple domain, We wish to share our expertise with You.

Empty Page's "CEO for One Day" campaign gives you the chance to develop and demonstrate your leadership potential, Understand what it takes to be a Successful Corporate Leader, gain the knowledge and experience necessary to climb the career ladder as part of our mission to support Young People.

Our System Randomly chooses One candidate from among Registered candidates every day to spend a full day. Working side by side with the country-level CEO of the Empty Page Group and experiencing what it is like to be a top business executive. Over the past 6 years, We have Successfully Developed 120 Projects.

"CEO for One Day" - what is it?

You have a one-of-a-kind chance to serve as the CEO of the entire organization for one day, Directly reporting to the Empty Pages Group CEO.

The chosen worldwide CEO for One Day will experience firsthand what it's like to manage a multinational corporation with 6 services. Any career will benefit greatly from the highly qualified experience!

Candidates must first apply to be a CEO for a day. One finalist will be picked to serve as the organization's CEO for one day.

Do I need to pay for the process?

Yes, there is a minimal registration fee to apply for the One Day CEO and the registration amount is Non-Refundable.

Is there any age limitation?

The CEO for One Day program is available to anybody who wants to apply. However, the program's focus is on Young individuals (18-28) who want to further their careers by gaining the essential expertise. At the time of application, You must be at least 18 years old.

What is the process of selection for the CEO of One Day?

Our team runs a random name selector software to choose the CEO for the Particular Day.

What compensation does a CEO for a day get?

One Day CEOs receive 1% of income on that Particular Day Business.

If the chosen person fails to take charge due to any condition, An underlying sleeping CEO takes the charge. The sleeping CEO completes the tasks and looks after the business and its responsibilities. In such cases, no payments will be transferred to selected Person.

For how long is this program applicable?

One Day CEO program is launched for 1 Year. Starting from 1st January 2025 to 31st December 2025, the One Day CEO concept will encourage Young Talents to experience the Responsibilities of the Corporate World.