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Welcome to Our Investors' Universe. One Day CEO is a part of the Empty Pages group. EP is the main foundation and brand behind the concept of ODC.

Our principles

  • We clearly envision creating exceptional value for people and growing a business as a consequence.
  • Under no circumstances will we alter the culture or the attitudes of those who initially put their faith in us.
  • We shall keep moving in the same path since culture is our fundamental strength.
  • We will grow rapidly while never losing sight of our core values.
  • We're seeking long-term partners that share our vision and can aid in our strategic expansion, not only for financial backing.

If your only goal is to invest money in order to receive a 2x or 10x return, we might not be the right partner for you.

Why should you invest in Empty Pages Private Limited?

Demanding concept

ODC is a modern & high-in demand concept. With the vision of educating youngsters about corporate life, ODC aims to touch millions of lives around World.

Large Target Audience

The position of CEO is something every employee, and generally every person, feels excitement about. Thus, ODC is a perfect way to quench their excitement with a minimal charge. Also, India holds the largest youth population in the whole world, enlarging the audience base manifolds.

High Return Investment

Being young people and having an exciting opportunity in mind, ODC is a high return investment. No investor will lack profits after investing in Empty Pages Private Limited.

How will we use the Registration Fee?

All the money collected from the registered candidates goes to the company's account. It will be used for website maintenance, branding, advertising, official work, and/or any work related to the organization. We care about our brand and seek the growth of the same at any cost.

What will be the terms for the One Day CEO?

The selected CEO of the day enjoys 1% of the organization's Income of that particular Day Business - Only When Served. Selected candidates won't be able to take part in any other financial or resource event. If a selected candidate fails to take up the charge as CEO of the day, The sleeping CEO will come into effect. The Sleeping CEO is the organization's staff looking over the responsibilities of the One Day CEO. But if the process faces hindrances, it holds the capability to take charge as an effective CEO.

The selected candidates don't get complete CEO strength. Their time as CEO starts at 10:00 am and ends at 5:00 pm. Saturdays and Sundays are off - Indian Standard Time.