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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In our International Businesses that provide virtual assistant, logistics, investment, riding, recycling services and consultation. we process personal data in the following ways, which also have an impact on our website:

Our identity

One Day CEO is who we are. We speak for international companies doing business as Empty Pages.

The General Data Protection Regulation and other relevant privacy and data protection laws require Empty Pages ("we," "us") to safeguard your information and manage it in accordance with our legal obligations.

This privacy statement is periodically reviewed and updated by us.

Who is covered in this policy

We provide a variety of clients throughout the world with our executive virtual assistant, logistics, investment, riding, recycling services, as well as interim managers, and independent consultants ("our services"). You can read more about our services in the places mentioned above on this website. This policy is applicable to you regardless of whether you are a client, a candidate for one of our clients, a potential employee of one of our clients, a source, or a referee for a candidate or employee of one of our clients.

Additionally, if you participate in one of our events or have signed up to receive details about our services or any of our marketing materials, including our regular newsletter observe, this policy will also apply to you.

In accordance with this policy:

  • candidate(s) refers to a person who is a client's employee, applicant, or possible candidate;
  • A client is any company, organization, government agency, or person that requests that we provide a service.
  • A referee is someone who offers a personal or professional reference regarding a candidate and;
  • Someone who offers us information or intelligence about a candidate is known as a source.
Gathering Information

Our clients anticipate that we will locate the top candidates for positions within our organization. As a result, we must conduct a system study, consult online databases and other information sources, and conduct extensive interviews. These will also include our clients, as well as sources and referees that can help us make decisions.

Due to the nature of our business, we must process personal data. As a result, we routinely rely on our legitimate interests to handle such data in accordance with the Data Protection Laws when it is not practical or viable to talk with the data subject directly. In addition to this, we will ask for permission.